What is a blog??

What is a weblogI was all pumped up when I started my blog a few months ago. But the enthusiasm soon fizzled out when I realized that people around me didn’t know what a blog was! They didn’t know that a blog is updated very regularly. That it can be subscribed to! That it can be commented on! This post is for them.

So what is a weblog? Weblog, or more commonly known as a blog, is a site that has articles (news, views, reviews etc.) sorted and displayed in a chronological order. Whenever bloggers create new content, sometimes even as frequently as a couple of times a day, the old content is pushed down. The old content is seldom taken off.

BlogMoreover, a blog has many advantages over a static webpage. As you see in my sidebar, posts can be categorized. Thus you can view posts according to their category, tags, authors (on multi-author blogs), month, year, etc.

Then, blogs can also be subscribed to. Every blog has it’s own subscription link. This is my subscription link. Subscribe using any browser (except the ancient IE6 ofcourse!) or via a feed reader like the Google Reader or Bloglines.

Another advantage of a blog is that you have to code it just once and not bother about HTML jargon ever again! Moreover, it is very easy to setup or create free blogs.

what a Blog isThus to sum it up, a blog is a site where content comes before the bling. Bloggers don’t have to worry much about the design. Just a post title and content is all you need to make a new post. Bloggers interact with each other. They link to each other’s content. Good content is never thrown away. Rather it is ‘archived’.

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