Movie Review – RACE – An absolute must watch!

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Direction: Abbas – Mustan
Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Anil Kapoor, Akshaye Khanna, Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif and Sameera Reddy
Banner: Tips Films Limited
Production: Kumar S. Taurani and Ramesh S. Taurani
Music: Pritam

Director duo Abbas-Mustan have created a genre for themselves – ‘Action Thrillers’. Naqaab, Aitraaz, Humraaz were thrilling, but RACE crashes em all!!

I won’t be giving out too many details this time around. Heck, the movie had so many twits n turns, I hardly remember those sudden turn of events. For most part of the movie you are left gasping, Those ‘Oh S***’s flood the theater every few minutes. Race is a very fast paced action thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seats!

Ranvir Singh (Saif) is a ruthless businessman who loves his younger brother Rajeev(Akshaye). Rajeev in turn loves only his liquor! Sonia (Bips), a beautiful model, is Saif’s lady. Sofia (Katrina) plays Saif’s PA. She has a crush on Saif who doesn’t reciprocate it(Now can you believe that!).

A life-insurance clause pays one brother 100 million dollars for the ‘accidental’ death of the other brother. This is when the going gets ugly. Brothers getting to the throats of each other just for some ancestral property? I wonder where they get such ideas from!! 😉

The story unfolds with a series of unexpected twists n turns. It all boils down to a winner-takes-it-all race. This race is to be the last for one of the two brothers while the other gets to claim the booty.

Cars, babes, booty… Abbas-Mustan have struck the perfect formula. Saif looks stunning. Bipasha Basu is as glamorous as ever. Katrina looks her very best but she still needs to improve her acting skills. She looks out of place at times. Akshaye Khanna stands out for his role. Anil Kapoor provides the much required comic relief in the second half of the movie. He plays his part well too. His assistant Sameera Reddy is thoroughly avoidable. Saif is said to have done all his action scenes himself (like jumping off a 20-storey building!). Watch out for that too.

AngadSodhi Dot Com Rating: 4/5

Conclusion: Race is an absolute must watch. Expect the unexpected. Superb cinematography, great songs, really cool action scenes. The only problem I see is that the story is out of this world. But then, an Abbas-Mustan is supposed to be unrealistic!

Watch it for Saif n Bips.

Movie Review: Alvin And The Chipmunks – disappointing!

Alvin And The Chipmunks Review on AngadSodhi Dot Com

CAST: Jason Lee (David Seville), David Cross (Ian Hawk) and Cameron Richardson (Claire).
WITH THE VOICES OF: Justin Long (Alvin), Matthew Gray Gubler (Simon) and Jesse McCartney (Theodore).

I’m a computer engineer in the making and hence, animated movies are really my kind of movies. 300, Shrek, Ice Age… I loved em all. Alvin and the Chipmunks promised to fit the bill, but then it simply didn’t.

Three chipmunks join a not-so-successful song writer. Do the chipmunks talk? “well, our lips are moving and words are coming out!”, as Alvin puts it. Let alone talk, they sing their way to glory.

Problems come. Problems go. Everything is rosy in the end. How lame! How predictable! I dunno if I slept through a part of the movie, but Alvin is no way superior to his fellow chipmunks. I would rather have called the movie “And the Chipmunks (Alvin included)”!!!

But then not everything’s bad. The chipmunks are really cute. The animation is enthralling. They sing well. Their lips are in sync with what they speak. Hats off to that!

AngadSodhi Dot Com Rating: 6.5/10

Conclusion: Really good animation but lacks a gripping story. For those who don’t know anything about the cartoon series (me for e.g.), the movie seems lackluster.

Taare Zameen Par MOVIE REVIEW – Spoiler Warning!

Taare Zameen Par Movie Review on angadsodhi dot comSpoiler warning?? That means I’ll be giving the details away!! Actually yes. If I don’t do that, all I can say is that it’s a flawless movie. Every creature on this planet (Yup. I took my pet roach to the movie and he came out sobbing too!!) would say that it’s a must watch. But that’s not all I have to say. At AngadSodhi Dot Com, things are done differently! OK enough bragging…

First of all I’d like to clarify that the movie is not at all about parenting. Maybe people have interpreted it wrongly, but it is definitely not about how parents must behave with their kids. What I mean to say is, what if your child is not dyslexic at all? And even if he is, a 3hr movie won’t do you any good! It’s just the chemistry between the two and the little guy’s acting skills that take you off your feet!

Ishaan Awasthi (Darsheel Safary) is a sweet innocent child whose dyslexia is detected only in the mid second half of the movie by his arts professor Nikumbh Sir (Aamir Khan). Just as they say that people with such disorders have some other talent etched onto them, Ishaan is good at drawing (hence those weird promos showing octopuses which relate neither to taare (stars) nor zameen (land) from the title).

Dyslexia (“Dys – impaired | Lexis – word” as my Homeopath sis clarifies every time the word is mentioned) is a disorder where the brain maps certain characters as a mirror image of how they actually are. So ‘d’ will look like ‘b’ and so on. A list of famous people with dyslexia include Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo DaVinci and (surprise! surprise!) our very own Abhishek Bachchan.

Ishaan’s falling grades prompt his parents to put him in a boarding school because they want him to excel in life. But the separation traumatizes the poor kid. Aamir is actually a teacher at an institute for the mentally challenged and detects Ishaan’s disorder. People do overcome this disorder and Nikumbh Sir (Aamir) himself had had that problem in his childhood! Thus the two bond well and their chemistry steals the show. Aamir is a temporary arts teacher at the boarding school and Ishaan loves drawing. Together they work hard to improve his writing and Ishaan shows signs of improvement.

The movie has plenty of scenes that bring tears down your cheeks. A very touching song titled ‘Maa’ just fits the bill. Ishaan makes a flipbook that shows his being drafted away from his family. In the end there’s an all school drawing competition that has plenty of emotional scenes (OK I won’t reveal those! See them for yourself).

The first half is all about the little boy’s carefree, sometimes careless but very innocent nature. Reminded me of my school days – almost always late to school, many a times out of the class if not on the bench! The lad’s acted really well I must mention. Does some really tough scenes really well. Put Aamir in his place and probably even he’ll make a fool of himself. But the kid does it really very beautifully.


  • The little guy’s acting.
  • Aamir’s acting.
  • Aamir keeps himself offscreen wherever not necessary.
  • The little guy’s acting.
  • Other actors too chip in well.
  • Just the right use of animation in the movie.
  • The little guy’s acting.
  • The song ‘Maa’.
  • Well thought about characters. No villains here! (Is this actually Bollywood??)
  • Err.. The little gu…… (Heck! I’ve already become a fan of this guy)


  • Rest of the songs are crap!

AngadSodhi Dot Com Rating: 9/10

Conclusion: A movie worth watching. It can probably win us the Oscar! But my foresight tells me that we’ll submit OSO. Why? Because it has SRK in it!! TZP is now taxfree! Do check it out in a theatre. If you find your eyes getting moist, “Ya Bindhaas”, as Ishu cutely puts it. Don’t hesitate. The entire theatre would be having tears streaming down their cheeks in a while!!

Useful Links:
The very cute official website
Lyrics of the song ‘Maa’ (also it’s English translation)

Heyy baby!!!!

Director: Sajid khan
Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Lyrics: Sameer
Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Ritesh Deshmukh, Fardeen Khan, Vidya Balan, Boman Irani.

A look at the promos tells you that the Sajid Khan’s directorial debut ‘Heyy Baby’ promises to be a laugh riot. But one glance at the people comming out of the theatre after watching the movie could make you dizzy. If you expect people to be murmuring ‘cho chweet’, wrong again! Puffed red eyes, red noses, wet handkerchiefs say it all. More than being a comic flick, the movie touches everyone’s heart. Even if touching movies like BLACK didn’t make tears stream down your cheeks, Heyy baby will surely do!!!

One fine morning our three ‘foxes’ Arush, Al, Tanmay find a little girl on their doorstep with a note which claims the baby to be their daughter. Initially none of the trio want to claim her their daughter and decide to abandon her on someone else’s porch just as someone had left the baby on their porch. But in a sudden turn of events they realise their mistake and actually fall in love. But just when all’s rosy, the mother(Vidya Balan) takes her baby back!!!

No points for guessing the end of the story but the way Sajid puts it is simply fantastic! The movie begins with a sizzling track featuring 20 of our most beautiful divas!!! Malaika Arora Khan, Amrita Arora, Amrita Rao, Amisha Patel, Diya Mirza… you name her, Sajid’s already put her in! I’ve heard it cost them 1.5 crores just for the opening number!!

My Rating: 6/5

One extra for the cute baby (take her away and the movie still gets a 5 on 5)


  • Really cute baby.
  • Great chemistry between the trio.
  • Almost entirely shot in Australia.
  • Great one-liners.
  • Really cute baby. (did I mention this before??)


  • Absolutely none.

A must watch for all ages!!!

PARTNER review

Producer: K. Sera Sera and Sohail Khan
Director: David Dhawan
Starring: Salman Khan, Govinda, Katrina Kaif, Lara Dutta
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Sanjay Chhel, Shabbir Ahmed and Jalees Sherwani

What do you get when you put together muscle man Salman Khan and the not so muscular Govinda? On first thought it seems to be a disastrous combi! Even I thought so as I trudged along to the theatre, along with a bunch of friends who were only too keen to see the movie. But I must say the very first 15mins were worth the cost of the ticket!!

To begin with, Govinda does what he does best – Act like a jerk. Salman does what he does best – taking his shirt off every now n then!! Katrina and Lara too kick in with the former not having to say anything as people gaze at her right until the very end (as always) with Lara matching up to her levels.

Professional love Guru Salman Khan ‘partners’ Govinda to help the latter impress Katrina Kaif (Yup, I said latter). The rest is a complete laugh riot with quite a few crazy one-liners. You are sure to come out with aching jaws and stomachs!


  • Salman-Govinda duo rocks!
  • Katrina looks gorgeous!(need I say this??)
  • Supporting cast pitch in well!


  • Really bad on the music front.
  • Many song tracks seem unnecessary and irrelevant!

My score: 3 / 5