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It is long past the time when cell phones were just communicating devices. At a time when the midrange wagon on the cell phone express is the buzziest, I was firm on staying onto the low-end wagon. I was firm I didn’t need a smartphone. But needs and wants are meant to change. Particularly speaking, the change is always on the ‘increasing’ side. One look at the majestic S500i, and I did jump into the 10k wagon. A look at these pics would tell you why:

Looks and Build Quality
While the build quality can be a matter of concern over a period of time, the looks are simply astonishing. Can’t think of another phone that can match the looks of the S500i. Since the phone is supposedly ‘inspired by nature’, SE has taken extreme efforts to make this phone special. The phone flaunts some flashy lights at the sides, a la 3220, except that they look much more classy! The phone comes to life during an incoming call. You have a default theme which changes according to the time of the day and the current season. I’ll be writing a special post on it soon. I’ve bought the phone amidst speculations that the aluminium keys crack on use!! But I’ve had the phone for a month now and (bless my stars!), the keypad’s still perfect. SE replaced all faulty phones and the new ones don’t crack.

Audio Output
The earphones provided with the package aren’t the ones provided with the walkman phones and I must say they don’t sound as good either. But you could always upgrade those. The phone manages to squeeze a speaker under the circular navigation keys! This helps deliver sound in all directions. Another breakthrough innovation in design!!

The phone has Bluetooth v2.0 and it also supports A2DP. This means you could pair it with stereo wireless headsets and also play music through another BT device with speakers! SE also packages the regular USB cable.

Entertainment and Multimedia
The inbuilt music player is very similar to that of the walkman phones. The ‘Play Now’ is an added feature which allows you to download music, ringtones and stuff in just 3 clicks. All regular games do play on the S500i but none of em make use of the lighting effect on the phone. We’ll have to wait for SE to release games customized for the phone.

Salient Features

  • Set 5 different alarms at a time.
  • Customize the lights. i.e. choose a particular colour for individual contacts, choose whether the phone lights up during an coming call when it is in silent mode etc.
  • Video Ringtones
  • Separate tone for individual callers.
  • Voice Dialling
  • Voice Answer
  • Flight mode
  • RSS reader
  • 2.0 MP camera with video recording.
  • Flash Support for themes
  • Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) support (up to 2 GB)–14MB Internal Memory
  • 240×320 pixel, 262.144 color TFT screen (looks really awesome)

Now the –ves:

  • Aluminium keys feel brittle.
  • Small key size could cause problems to some.
  • Not a 3G phone. No EDGE.

The Package contains:
Phone, USB cable, manual, charger, SE PC suite CD, HPM-62 handsfree kit.

INR: 11,000/-

Colours Available:

This phone is all about bling. Tailor made for the youth, it is sure to make heads turn. With little or no negatives, it is sure to be the next big thing!!!


I give you some more pics to drool upon:
S500i on www.angadsodhi.com S500i on www.angadsodhi.com S500i on www.angadsodhi.com S500i on www.angadsodhi.com S500i on www.angadsodhi.com s500i on www.angadsodhi.com s500i an www.angadsodhi.om s500i on www.angadsodhi.com

16 thoughts on “S500i review

  1. I own the mystrious black and had it a little over a month…i was going to get the w580i but this phone is alot better…i have had nothing wrong with it up to now and my friend who has the w850i for 2 weeks has had to get it changed twice

  2. I had bought mine on the 1st of September. It's been almost 3 months and still no cracked keys!!

    Some models still are defective!! But SE are quick to replace them. It is very unfortunate that a phone this good has keypad problems.

    Almost everyday I get more than 5 hits through google with the keywords 'cracked keypad'

  3. Hey i have the ice purple one and i love it!!

    i love the colour and the phone. i've only had it a day and i really hope now that the keys don't break!!

    1. Congrats on your new phone! The keys of phones that are manufactured these days don't crack. I've had the phone for 8 months now n I'm still in love with it as if it were new!

      Surprisingly, recently I found a theme very similar to our everchanging theme on one of my friend's Nokia 6300! But that doesn't take away any charm from our phone.

      Sony Ericsson haven't really publicised this phone in India. I actually haven't seen the phone with anyone else till date! Exclusivity IS priceless!!

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