India v/s Pakistan – World T20 thriller

Talk of India v/s Pakistan and plenty of exciting close matches come to mind. The last ball six by Javed Miandad at Sharjah is still etched in the minds of millions of cricket lovers across the globe. But that thrilling encounter has now been dislodged by the World T20 first round match which ended in a tie. But since a twenty20 match doesn’t end in a tie, the cricketing world saw the first bowl-out of the world cup!!

Both teams scored the exact amount of runs which led to a bowl-out where both sides pick 5 bowlers each. Each bowler gets a shot at the wicket. The team which manages most no of hits wins the game(a la soccer style!!).

The IndoPak encounter could not have had a more fitting end than this!! Here’s a peek at the ‘bowl-out’. Since it is a cell phone recording, pardon the poor video quality and the lame Hindi commentry. I’ll try to replace it with a better video as soon as I find one!!

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