India meet Pakistan in the T20 WC final!!!!

The stage is set just as the Indian Subcontinent would have wanted it. It’s India v/s Pakistan. The First ever Twenty20 World Cup final couldn’t have been more exciting.

Pakistan took on New Zealand while India battled the not-so-mighty-anymore Ausssies, While some wanted an all Australian subcontinent finale,many prayed for an All Indian Subcontinent finale. And IvP it shall be!

What is really noteworthy is the healthy rivalry between the neighbouring countries. While Pakistan played NZ, an added billion had been praying for Pakistan. I’m sure when we were playing, our neighbours were praying for us. This proves that cricket could do what peace talks probably couldn’t achieve in a decade!

So whatever the outcome of the grand finale, both countries would be content.

May the best team win!!!!

Note: All my pre-tournament predictions have come true.

    Players to look out for:

  • Shahid Afridi
  • Matthew Hayden
  • Shane Bond
  • Herschelle gibbs
  • M.S. Dhoni
  • Daniel Vittori
  • Ajit Agarkar
    (poor guy – they’ll thrash him!!)

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