Calvin n Hobbes – those lovely schooldays!!!

Calvin n Hobbes are back(though no Hobbes in this post)!!!

It’s been almost 4 years since I finished school. Wonder how time flies by! What’s left behind are just memories. Memories that full-up your heart with joy, memories that can wash away any sorrow. This post is a tribute to those sugary little reminiscences.

Below is a compilation of some of the best of ‘Calvin n Hobbes’ comic strips wherein Calvin is at school doing what he does best (definitely not studying)!

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Calvin n Hobbes 1 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 2 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 3 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 4 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 5 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 6 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 7 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 8 on

I would love to know which one of those above did you like the best. Please do leave a comment below indicating your favorite!

29 thoughts on “Calvin n Hobbes – those lovely schooldays!!!

  1. I just stumbled here, and I liked the collection. The one about foreign language hit close to home because I had a German final today.
    I also really wish that the first one, about physics, and the one about the Erie Canal worked.
    So, I suppose I don't have a favorite, but who can have a favorite, when there are so many great ones?
    Thanks for the laughs. 🙂

  2. calvin is the epitomy of a mischevious little boy.
    I know, I share a house with 3 of them! Number one's the best, though all are excellent, the idea of answering in "his own words" has been tried and actually worked. How can you punish such audacity and creativity? I couldn't, got'em a pb&j and an hour of cartoons. Thanx for the cartoons…calvin's been my hero for years.

  3. It was really very funny……

    According to me the bes one is the third last one where he says 'it was her idea'…….

    ha ha ha

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  6. well there are others worth mentioning as well..

    especially when he and hobbes does some soul searching.. and his snowmen. n…

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