Thank you Motive Interactive

If you have been following me on twitter, you would know that about two week ago I won a cool iPod nano from Motive Interactive in the Zac Johnson Affiliate & twitter contest. The green (or rather ‘Apple’ green) beauty arrived 2 days later and I haven’t put it down since! Thank you Motive Interactive.

Twitter contests are fun. You just have to tweet about the contest and you are in! Contests cannot get any simpler than this. They help the contest holder gain followers and it gives you a chance to win something really cool!

About Motive Interactive:
Signup for Motive Interactive now!Motive Interactive is a performance-based (CPA, CPL, CPS) advertising network that has great Advertiser and Publisher Solutions. That are rather new but very good. If you haven’t joined them yet, signup now! Motive Interactive also has many more twitter contests so do follow them at @motive where they also tweet about exciting new offers.

Motive is still giving away an iPod nano a week in the Shoemoney Las Vegas Challenge contest.

As quoted from the official post,

Three Ways to Win:
1.) Join Motive Interactive and earn within any of the Commission Levels above during the month of June. Contest tier prizes only awarded to new Motive affiliates signed up through this blog during June 2009. YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP THROUGH THIS LINK TO BE ELIGIBLE
2.) Follow @Motive and Tweet this contest on Twitter. Just “tweet” the following from your Twitter account and you are automatically entered to win a new iPod Shuffle each week.
“Follow @motive and join Top Rated CPA Affiliate Network Motive Interactive to make money and win big prizes! RT 2 WIN! “
3.) Blog about this contest promotion. If you have a blog, simply link back to ShoeMoney’s contest blog page and talk about this contest. Then you will be entered to win a new Xbox 360 Elite plus two games.

Thus, you can win an iPod nano everyweek just by tweeting about the contest and win an Xbox 360 by blogging about the contest the way I have done here.

If you are good with Affiliate Marketing, you stand a good chance of winning some even bigger prizes:

Network Earnings Prizes
$500,000+ Tier – Vegas VIP Prize
. 1st Class flight for two to Las Vegas
. Fairway Villa for two nights
. $5,000 in cash
$200,000 – $499,999 Tier
. 1st Class flight for one to Las Vegas
. Wynn – The Suite Life Package : Parlor Suite 2 nights
$100,000 – $199,999 Tier
. $4,000 in cash
$50,000 – $99,999 Tier
. 2 tickets to UFC 100 with accommodations and flight for 2 for 2 nights
$25,000 – $49,999 Tier
. Sony Plasma TV
$10,000 – $24,999 Tier
. Xbox 360 Elite plus Halo 3 and NEWEST UFC XBOX GAME
$3,000 – $9,999 Tier
. iPod Touch 32GB
$1,000 – $2,999 Tier
. Best Buy Gift Card

More details can be found at the official post about the contest.

Motive also gave me a nice “What’s your motive” tshirt. Loved it guys. Thank you once again, Luke. (Sorry for the late post. I was busy with exams) Here are some pics:

Simply love the color!
Simply love the color!

This is on the back of the tee.
This is on the back of the tee.

The nano and the tshirt. Hope to win many more!
The nano and the tshirt. Hope to win many more!

Psst: It’s my birthday tomorrow! Even this blog celebrates it’s birthday tomorrow. I turn 21, my blog 2!! Expect a bit of a surprise here tomorrow.. 🙂

Trying out the ‘EntreCard + SezWho’ linkup

Not so long ago, Entrecard announced of a partnership between them and SezWho. Didn’t bother much about it earlier, but since a lot of blogs have installed SezWho, I think maybe I should give it a try! There’s nothing to lose.

The entire process of installing it on the blog was easy but the concept of SezWho beats me. Probably if I don’t figure it out by a week, I might throw it out! I’ll keep you guys updated whether this service really helps.

Till then, I’ll be grateful if a SezWho user can brief me up on it.

Upgraded to WordPress 2.6

If you ask me, wordpress is the best blogging platform out there. Not so long ago, had come out with wordpress 2.5 which had a plethora of new features and now they have come up with wordpress 2.6 which has many more of em.

Here’s a small video by the guys at explaining the new features of WP 2.6

I suggest wordpress users to upgrade immediately.

Official WP 2.6 release page
Direct link to download wordpress 2.6

Thank You Market Leverage.

Sign up with Market LeverageAs I mentioned last week, I won the Balkhis MarketLeverage contest. Shortly after, I submitted my name and address to MarketLeverage for the prize to be delivered at my place. And it was delivered in 3 days (including the Sunday)!! That came as a big surprise to me.

But what was even more surprising is that apart from the promised 50USD AMEX card, they even sent me a cool 2Gb USB pen drive! The pen that has a 2GBUSB drive concealed in it, was actually the fourth prize in the contest. Market Leverage really knows how to pamper their affiliates! (I know I’ve said this a couple of times already but they really are that good!). While most companies hand over defective stock as prizes, ML actually gave me something more! Probably that’s what sets them apart from all other affiliate networks. If you haven’t joined Market Leverage yet, do it now!.

Market Leverage allows you to custom choose campaigns from a wide range of categories. I’m lookin forward to puttin up a few of their ads in the near future. Do look out for the space below every post for some exciting offers. Thank you Market Leverage for the Card and the USB drive.

Psst: Signup to MarketLeverage using my referral link and I’ll be grateful!

The gifts I received from Market Leverage

Happy Birthday to me and my BLOG!!

Birthday pic dhapofied from

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Birthday! Turned 20 today. Feels good to be out of my teens. I’ve walked on the surface of this planet for 2 decades now. Feels really empowering when yo put it that way! haha

But there is another reason to celebrate too! I wrote my first blog post on the 17th of June 2007. That’s exactly one year ago! So technically even my blog celebrates it’s birthday today! Happy Blogiversary, blog! My blog is finally one year old! Regular readers might remember before I had this domain, this site was called The URL still links here, but the blog has come a long way since then. It has had it’s share of ups n downs.

Over the past year, there have been times when I’ve written just 2 posts in a month and there have been times when I’ve had 14,513 pageviews in a single day! It’s been a roller coaster ride all year long. The top three posts sorted according to their total pageviews are:

  1. Calvin n Hobbes – those lovely schooldays!!!(64,982 views)
  2. Heard of tricks at snooker, but ping-pong?? (49,773 views)
  3. Calvin and Hobbes – Compilacion numero tres(47,494 views)

As a birthday present for this blog, I’ve designed a new theme for it! The new light blue theme is much more spaced out than it’s predecessor. The theme is yet to get it’s ads. But they’ll come soon. Hope you like it!

As I’m in the middle of my 2nd year Engineering exams, this birthday will most probably be spent buried into books. But exams end on the 19th. We’ll have a blast then! Here are some of today’s pics. My sis made me a really cute card. The shiny orange thing that the bear is holding is actually a cute lil card. It has a few adjectives that describe me – witty, cute, loving, wise, comp addict, funny, sweet, gentle soul, tech whiz, patient and lastly ‘lazy bones’!! Yup, that describes me to the core. She knows me really well and comes up with lovely cards every birthday! Then there’s the cake waiting to be cut.

The cute card by my sis The Birthday Cake. Yummmm
The small card places next to the cute bear

Perceptions at Rhapsody ’09 : A photography contest

‘Perceptions’ is a wacky photography event spread over 6 days where you get to flirt with creativity and shoot random subjects according to that day’s particular theme. The event is part of RAIT’s college fest Rhapsody 09 and will be held from the 27th of Jan to 1st Feb.

The event basically has two competitions:

  1. If you can come down to the Dr. D Y Patil Institute.

    • Every participant should have his/her own camera.
    • Cell phone cameras will do. (Bring your own transfer cords and related software)    

    • Email your details at [email protected]
    • Spot Registration at the desk in our campus.

    What you need to do to win:
    • Present yourself at the desk in our campus anytime after 11 am and get yourself registered.
    • Get to know of our Theme of the Day which will be related to the Rhapsody theme- ‘Soldiering Life’ and other grand events like ‘The Unchained’, ‘Footloose’, ‘Fashion Show’ and the very well known Concerts!
    • Roam around the campus armed with your camera and click snaps of all the events… may it be day or may it be night.
    • In case of a Film Camera, develop the photos in our associated photo studio. (Charges apply)
    • In case of a Digital Camera, submit the soft copies and get the prints delivered within a couple of hours. (Discounted Charges apply)
    • Compulsory: To paste/hang your pictures (related to the theme and Rhapsody events) on the ‘Walls’ provided.
    • The best photograph gets a prize worth Thousands on the last day (1st Feb).

    Participate in ‘A Word in 60 minutes’ competition.
    Spell out the word (of our choice) using your eyes, your vision and the lens you’re holding. Show us the letters in your photos and spell out the word… in less than an hour.
    (Extra time will be given to participants with film cameras, strictly to develop their photographs)
    Get to venture your thoughts out of the box and get a chance to win attractive goodies worth Rs.14000.

  2. If you can’t make it the college

    This competition is open to everyone on the planet
    • Theme is ‘Smiles and Tears’.
    • Email your photos to [email protected]
    • Anyone from anywhere can participate. Theme covers every style of photography.
    • It is important to mention your Full Name, Address, City, Profession and (optional) a link to your webpage (blog, website or a profile on any of the social networking sites)
    • If any of the essentials is absent, the participant will be disqualified.
    • The best photographer will win a Surprise Gift worth thousands, a year-long subscription to the Infomedia 18’s top-ranking magazine ‘Better Photography‘ and a chance to get his/her prize-winning photograph published in the same magazine/online!

All entries will be personally judged by esteemed Editor of Better Photography magazine, K Madhavan Pillai.

My good friend Sushrut Munje is one of the heads of the event. Feel free to contact him for more details.

RAIT, Dr. D Y Patil Vidyanagar, Sector-7, Nerul, Navi Mumbai – 400706

Event Heads:
Sushrut Munje (+91-9372488799)
Dhanashree Savant (+91-9869415556)

Magazine Partner:
Better Photography

Studio Partner:
Fotolite Studios, Vashi

SuperSundayVideo- Curtain Raiser

We all know YouTube is full of those really wacky videos. Beginning today, I’ll be posting one of my favorite videos every Sunday of the week. Ofcourse the regular posts will continue.

If you have any suggestions, any video that you would like to share, just add the link to the video as a comment on any of the SuperSundayVideo posts. I’ll put em up if I like em!

The SuperSundayVideo category can be found here. You could also subscribe to just these posts here.

Just a special note to everyone who subscribes to my posts via mail, the feedburner mail that you receive doesn’t have videos in them. You’ll have to come over to the site to check them out.

Thank you for all the support people. Hope to share some great videos along with quality other posts.

Finally bought paid hosting

The last few days have been quite agonizing for this site. This month the site has received high traffic, especially the Calvin n Hobbes post (God bless Bill Watterson !!). Google Analytics estimates say there have been over 40,000 visitors to this blog this month before all the trouble began. As a result my free hosting account at Trap17 ran out of bandwidth. I’d like to apologize for the site being down for a couple of days.

But now begins a new era. I’ve finally bought a hosting package with Computing Host. I’d like to thank everyone who has kept faith in this site. A special thanks to all those who’ve subscribed to my RSS feeds. An even bigger thank you to all those who’ve taken out the time to comment on my posts. At the bottom of the page is a list of top commenters on this site (which got reset a week ago for no reason).

I hope I can be true to your exectations and provide you with quality posts on ‘The Little Things That Catch My Eye’! Do keep visiting the site and keep those comments coming. I’d love to know what you people like, dislike and expect from this blog.

Cheers!! Love you all!!!!

PS: Very soon I’ll be writing paid reviews !

Blog to have a focussed approach!!

For months people have been asking me, “What do you do online all day?” This is part of my answer to them.

From now on my blog shall have a fixed goal. My blog entries shall emphasize on ‘The Little Things that catch my eye’!!! As seen in previous entries under this category (like the review) I shall be writing about things that I’ve been busy with over the weekend, about websites that I’d like to share, something from real life and other stuff. Ofcourse the movie/book/gadget reviews would continue, but with a difference.

Do check out the site regularly. You could also subscribe to automatic feeds that will alert you everytime I post something new by clicking this link. (won’t work if you are using the older IE browser).

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll see in weeks to come:

  1. Learn to create images like these in a flash.
    Emma Watson on
    What’s so great about this image? Well, take a close look.The image consists of just 0s and 1s!!!! You can actually select the text in it???
  2. Guest articles (actually a series) by a Doc on Hypnotism, it’s advantages, limitations, past life regression and loads of other interesting yet highly scientific stuff
  3. A PhotoShop tutorial on creating bolts of lightning.
    eg: Convert Undertaker without lightning on to Undertaker with lightning on
    Cool eh!!! (Click to enlarge)