Virgin Mobile India Commercial- Virgin out with a bang!

Think Hatke (think differently) may not sounds like your regular tag-line for a mobile service provider. But wait till you see the very first TV commercial by Virgin Mobile India. Looks like they made up this tag-line just for this commercial!

Just for my readers from outside India, here’s a translation:

Daughter: Dad, I’m not interested in guys!
Parents look at each other and blame the other for . . . . . you know what.
Mom to Dad: It’s all your fault. All-girls school was your idea.
Dad: Ya, but you could have let her mingle with other boys from our building.

Just then the phone rings. She puts down the phone rather grumpily. She tells her parents that it’s some guy from her class who’s invited her to Goa and that she’s not interested. Her parents suggest that she take more interest in boys and go out with them!

That brings a smirk to her face. Goa is on!!

Now that’s ‘Thinking Differently’!!!

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5 thoughts on “Virgin Mobile India Commercial- Virgin out with a bang!

  1. "Think Hatke?" Is this a joke!

    What the hell is Virgin Paying Its Copywriters for???

    What A Load-of-Shit!

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