urspore dot com – A review

Spore is coming! When SIMS hit the stores, it created a new genre for itself. When you think of simulation, the first thing that hits your mind is SIMS. SIMS has picked up millions and millions of fans all over the globe. So when the creator of SIMS has another potentially exciting game up his sleeve, waiting for it’s release, the expectations couldn’t be different. SPORE is EA’s latest addition to it’s very successful repertoire of simulation games.

What comes with a successful game are loads of fans. What do these fans need? They need a good fan site that can take them through the buzz. A forum where they can discuss their gameplans, learn from experts. A place where newbies can quickly learn the tricks of the trade while advanced gamers oblige to them. www.urspore.com definately promises to be one!

The game SPORE is slated for release on March 3, 2008 but the community is already alive n kikkin’. A neat design, an evergrowing userbase and polite admin/mods are what make up a successful online forum and urspore dot com has it all!

urspore dot com not onlyhas a discussion board but is also loaded with some other features like a news section that has all the news from the developers, E3 and other places. It has a videos section too.

Overall, urspore.com is a potentially budding fan site. If SIMS was your kinda game, look out for SPORE. Signup at this board today so that you can be the underdogs when the game does finally get the green flag!!


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