Upgraded to WordPress 2.6

If you ask me, wordpress is the best blogging platform out there. Not so long ago, wordpress.org had come out with wordpress 2.5 which had a plethora of new features and now they have come up with wordpress 2.6 which has many more of em.

Here’s a small video by the guys at wordpress.org explaining the new features of WP 2.6

I suggest wordpress users to upgrade immediately.

Official WP 2.6 release page
Direct link to download wordpress 2.6

2 thoughts on “Upgraded to WordPress 2.6

  1. I agree with you WordPress is the best blogging platform, and the features of 2.6 are just too great.

    Just to add to your advice, for users who are not techie enough to do the upgrade, there is a plugin call WordPress Automatic Upgrade (WPAU).

    Check it out on the plugins section of wordpress.org.


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