Trying out the ‘EntreCard + SezWho’ linkup

Not so long ago, Entrecard announced of a partnership between them and SezWho. Didn’t bother much about it earlier, but since a lot of blogs have installed SezWho, I think maybe I should give it a try! There’s nothing to lose.

The entire process of installing it on the blog was easy but the concept of SezWho beats me. Probably if I don’t figure it out by a week, I might throw it out! I’ll keep you guys updated whether this service really helps.

Till then, I’ll be grateful if a SezWho user can brief me up on it.

One thought on “Trying out the ‘EntreCard + SezWho’ linkup

  1. Same here i did install it the other week and i still don't know what is it for. I only use it to trace my commenting public on the last time they place their comments. nothing special yet for sezwho

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