I love my alphabets!!

In my last post I had shown a preview into the portrait of the lovely Emma Watson using only 1s and 0s. This form of art is called as ASCII art.

Here’s another example. The Batting Maestro (who got out on 99 again today!!) Sachin Tendulkar in ASCII art.

Sachin Tendulkar on angadsodhi.com

Is it very difficult to create ASCII art? Actually yes if you decide to do it on your own, but child’s play if you use converters available freely on the net. What I’ve used here is one of the best and most user friendly among the ones that I’ve laid my hands upon.

iamge-text.com banner on angadsodhi.com

www.text-image.com is a brilliant site that can do the job within seconds. It also gives you three varied options namely


Though the B/W ASCII mode and the Matrix mode are not as impressive, the HTML mode is really good.

Here’s another example of good ‘ol Hollywood hunk George Clooney. This picture has high contrast and a high level of detail. But the script ofn the site does a pretty good job!!

George Clooney

Note: Make sure you are using a resolution of atleast 1024 X 768. My site looks best at this resolution!!

So have fun creating ‘ASCII art’ and don’t forget to tell people you heard about it on angadsodhi.com!!! Cheers..
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Let the chef spice up your profile images

For those of you who’ve got bored of using the ‘Hrithick’s and the ‘Emma Watson’s as their profile images, help is at hand. ‘At hand’??? At your fingertips I should say! It is now possible to create custom images at the snap of your fingers.
Custom images??? What’s that you might ask? Well, take a peek –

The harder way to do it would be to search the net for photoshop templates and edit em yourselves using photoshop. Really a tedious task if you ask me. But then there’s the smarter way. The ‘imagechef’ way. Take a look at imagechef.com.

www.imagechef.com is one of the rare sites that does it so well. It lets you create really cool custom images in a jiffy. No software required, No photoshop skills required!!! All you need is your dab of creativity and let the chef conjure up some great images!
Your options are basically divided into these categories:
license plates
Won’t discuss each category in detail though.

The advantages of using custom images are enormous:

You could express you current mood –

You could let people know your interests –

Let your loved know of your love –

Or you could just have fun!

Then there’s some girly stuff too:

With an added dose of creativity, you could grab some attention too……

So go ahead and let your creativity fly. And when heads turn, tell them you read about it on www.angadsodhi.com!!!