Neat looking Social Bookmark buttons

We all know how Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon can be a real booster for you blog. They can bring in loads of traffic at times. Most of these sites work upon users feedback about a particular content. When your visitors submit their vote in favor of your site, you are bound to get more visitors.

So how do you get more and more visitors to submit your content to these sites? The trick is to make your social bookmarking buttons visible for your visitors to click on. If you would like to use the buttons that you see on my homepage, follow the following steps:

  1. Download this file
  2. Upload the bookmarks.php file to your current theme folder.
  3. Add the code <?php include(TEMPLATEPATH.”/bookmarks.php”);?> in your single.php file just below the content of your posts.

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When paper meets Silicon – create CD covers in minutes!

Cool Blue CDsIf you have been using your comp for a while now, your desk too might be scattered with CDs like mine. Here’s a video that will demonstrate how to make neat looking CD covers in a flash. You just need some paper and a sissors. Check it out:

An added dose of creativity always helps. Print out cool looking labels and stick em to the back of the covers. Use different colours to quick sort your CDs/DVDs into categories. Use these when handing out CDs to friends. Will definitely make you look a tad cooler!