Spock- the best for people search

Spock Dot ComWhile the big daddies like Yahoo, Windows Live and our favorite Google fight it out for the ultimate Search Engine supremacy, here’s a search engine that actually stands out. Why? Coz it doesn’t search web pages at all! It searches people!

Spock- the best for people search

Whether it’s celebs, friends, fellow bloggers or any other interesting people you’ve met, spock.com finds them for you. What’s more interesting is that the profiles you find on Spock are editable. Infact, they are supposed to be edited! You can add yourself to their database, edit your profile, edit others’, add photos/videos and even vote on other people’s photos.

Profiles are characterised by their tags. Select from a whole range of tags or add your own. These tags eventually decide search results. My profile for eg, has tags like Blogger, Black eyes, enjoys cricket, graduate of mumbai, enjoys Chinese, From india, black hair, lives in Mumbai etc. So when you search for anything among those, you should find me.

web links page on Spock

Another interesting feature is the ability to build widgets. Apart from a particular profile, you can even create widgets from search results. The second widget below shows profiles that were tagged ‘bollywood'(http://www.spock.com/q/bollywood). The first is my own widget.

Spock.Com was started by Jay Bhatti and Jaideep Singh (people of Indian origin. YAY!) in 2006 and has been growing ever since. Clearly Spock is not just another search engine. It could well turn out to be a revolution in the making!!

Brand Identity Guru SEO review

For a company of any stature, a website can be a good asset to improve sales. For a blogger (like me), his blog or personal site can be his means to fame and even riches. The most important, and probably the most underestimated, aspect about getting more from your site is creating awareness about it. Plenty of tactics help raise awareness… Internet marketing, campaigns, ppc (pay-per-clicks) and the big daddy of them all – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

BIG logo on AngadSodhi Dot ComOptimizing for search engines requires analyzing your website, studying your target audience identifying keywords etc. You could do that all by yourself or you could just hire the GURU – TheBigIdentityGuru. More famously known as BIG, thebigidentityguru.com is one of the best companies in the world of SEO. A good SEO company must be up to date with the functionality of all popular search engines, Discover More Here and make use of them, and BIG is known to be one of the best in doing just that. BIG promises guaranteed inclusion in the top 10 search results on Google, Yahoo and other major search engines. With results like those, be sure your target client will come just to you.

As the official website states, BIG promises to:


  1. A comprehensive web site analysis (goals assessment, target market profile, and surveys on industry status and past success)
  2. Assessment of your competition’s search engine positioning
  3. Keyword and popularity breakdown
  4. Search engine optimized copywriting
  5. File name, meta and body tag optimization
  6. Manual submissions to search engines and directories
  7. Comprehensive review and analysis of performance
  8. Complete maintenance and monitoring services
  9. Research on reciprocal link opportunities and implementation
  10. Online promotions for your website


Hire BIG and they’ll take care of SEO, internet marketing, directory submissions and other stuff so that you can concentrate on the real deal – making the perfect content for your site!

If you want your website/product reviewed at AngadSodhi Dot Com, feel free to contact me through ReviewMe.com or send me a mail at [email protected]

WinterWolves’ Universal Boxing Manager – Game Review

This is my very first assignment with ReviewMe.Com
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Those addicted to playing manager in FIFA titles must know the thrills and frills of playing manager. But why play manager when you could yourself step onto the football field! Logic tells me that I would love to play manager in a sport I wouldn’t dare play myself. A sport that gets you all sweaty, bruised and banged up. A sport like boxing!!

http://www.winterwolves.com‘s Universal Boxing Manager lets you play manager to a bunch of professional boxers. Hire more boxers, train them, setup and schedule matches. Manage infrastructure, medical staff, sponsors etc. If need be, even fire underperforming boxers! Feels powerful right? But with great power, comes great res…. (Yeah! Yeah! We all know that)

When you begin your new profile, you are given 150 points and two boxers to begin with. Improve training facilities, hire medics with the available points. The manager has to set up matches and schedule them in such a way that he gives his players enough rest.

Manager screen of UBM

The manager himself has attributes various attributes, charisma being the most of them. With enough charisma, he can boost the morale of his boxers. But that’s before the match. The real deal comes only when the fight begins.

During the fight, you get to instruct your boxer in between two rounds (very much like the pep talk boxers have with their managers in between rounds). You have 3 aspects to control:
Boxer Strategy: You can choose between ‘Strike Body’, ‘Strike High’ and ‘Mixed’.
Boxer Fighting Style: Choose between ‘Offensive’, ‘Defensive’ and ‘Movement’
Choose the right combination according to the fitness of your boxer and he will come out victorious. Making a bad decision could have your boxer Knocked Out!! Further depending on your points tally, you can choose to ‘incite’ your boxer, ‘heal’ your boxer or do nothing at all!

AS your wins matches, he climbs up the rankings. Higher ranked players earn more for each win/loss. In the process even your own attributes increase.

Overall, it’s a fun game to play. The 20min free trial is just a 4MB download and can be found at http://www.winterwolves.com. No harm in trying it out guys. Even the full version is a mere 24.95$ Check it out!!!

UMA screen UMA screen

http://www.winterwolves.com has many more Mac Games. Check them out too.

urspore dot com – A review

Spore is coming! When SIMS hit the stores, it created a new genre for itself. When you think of simulation, the first thing that hits your mind is SIMS. SIMS has picked up millions and millions of fans all over the globe. So when the creator of SIMS has another potentially exciting game up his sleeve, waiting for it’s release, the expectations couldn’t be different. SPORE is EA’s latest addition to it’s very successful repertoire of simulation games.

What comes with a successful game are loads of fans. What do these fans need? They need a good fan site that can take them through the buzz. A forum where they can discuss their gameplans, learn from experts. A place where newbies can quickly learn the tricks of the trade while advanced gamers oblige to them. www.urspore.com definately promises to be one!

The game SPORE is slated for release on March 3, 2008 but the community is already alive n kikkin’. A neat design, an evergrowing userbase and polite admin/mods are what make up a successful online forum and urspore dot com has it all!

urspore dot com not onlyhas a discussion board but is also loaded with some other features like a news section that has all the news from the developers, E3 and other places. It has a videos section too.

Overall, urspore.com is a potentially budding fan site. If SIMS was your kinda game, look out for SPORE. Signup at this board today so that you can be the underdogs when the game does finally get the green flag!!