SuperSundayVideo-Week 13-Niladri Kumar on an Electric Sitar!

This week’s edition of the SuperSundayVideo was suggested to me by my friend Satish from

I was fascinated when I first heard the term ‘electric sitar’. If you don’t know what a sitar is, jump over to youtube and search for ‘sitar’. Niladri Kumar has tweaked this traditional Indian string instrument. Check out both videos.

For the second video, you’ll have to head over to YouTube because embedding of that video has been disabled upon request. The music video is called Priority and can be found at It has a Hindi intro to it, so just skip ahead if you don’t get a clue.

12 thoughts on “SuperSundayVideo-Week 13-Niladri Kumar on an Electric Sitar!

    1. A wide neck may make an instrument harder to play, but generally I have found that smaller necks make instruments harder to play as your fingers get smashed together and may be unable to correctly press down the right strings.

    1. Haha thanks mate. I used to be a regular at Balkhis. But now I've moved to a new place and have no access to the net (for now). I promise I'll be back with a bang. 🙂

  1. Well i am a fairly experienced guitarist and my band is gonna play Wherever i May Roam by Metallica on a gig one week from now…and for the starting i really want to actually play the electric sitar.

  2. I first clicked the link and just closed it because it was all in hindi. Goog thing you explained it later so I reloaded it and just skipped ahead.

  3. I've always found the sitar to be a wonderful instrument, especially for classic music from India. If you haven't heard it, check out sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar. When he plays, sometimes his hands start bleeding but he goes into a trance and keeps playing. A real master of the instrument.

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