16 thoughts on “SuperSundayVideo-Week 12-Amazing bicycle stunts

  1. I had seen a bicycle stunt video like this one quite recently, and it showed individuals with more resolve to complete certain maneuvers than most individuals would have. It takes quite a bit of risk to continue in this field.

  2. I am a teen and I do stunts and it beats any low life kind of idea of fun (drinking, smoking of all kinds and video games) not that I used drugs or smoked or drank but I did play video games and a lot now that I ride I feel much better am in better shape and enjoying life better.

  3. I don't even want to know how many broken bones this guy had over the years. I'm sure for every succesful stunt we saw, there were probably like 20 failed attempts. That must've hurt.

  4. Personally, I love to watch skateboarding videos. Especially ones with Rodney Mullen… he is really amazing. Bike tricks are pretty awesome as well though, especially the ones in this video.. some really sick tricks here.


  5. I used to do stunts like these as a kid. Trying to impress neighbors, passers-by or whoever else would watch, lol. But nothing compared to what these people are doing. It's pretty amazing stuff.

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