Spock- the best for people search

Spock Dot ComWhile the big daddies like Yahoo, Windows Live and our favorite Google fight it out for the ultimate Search Engine supremacy, here’s a search engine that actually stands out. Why? Coz it doesn’t search web pages at all! It searches people!

Spock- the best for people search

Whether it’s celebs, friends, fellow bloggers or any other interesting people you’ve met, spock.com finds them for you. What’s more interesting is that the profiles you find on Spock are editable. Infact, they are supposed to be edited! You can add yourself to their database, edit your profile, edit others’, add photos/videos and even vote on other people’s photos.

Profiles are characterised by their tags. Select from a whole range of tags or add your own. These tags eventually decide search results. My profile for eg, has tags like Blogger, Black eyes, enjoys cricket, graduate of mumbai, enjoys Chinese, From india, black hair, lives in Mumbai etc. So when you search for anything among those, you should find me.

web links page on Spock

Another interesting feature is the ability to build widgets. Apart from a particular profile, you can even create widgets from search results. The second widget below shows profiles that were tagged ‘bollywood'(http://www.spock.com/q/bollywood). The first is my own widget.

Spock.Com was started by Jay Bhatti and Jaideep Singh (people of Indian origin. YAY!) in 2006 and has been growing ever since. Clearly Spock is not just another search engine. It could well turn out to be a revolution in the making!!

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