Perceptions at Rhapsody ’09 : A photography contest

‘Perceptions’ is a wacky photography event spread over 6 days where you get to flirt with creativity and shoot random subjects according to that day’s particular theme. The event is part of RAIT’s college fest Rhapsody 09 and will be held from the 27th of Jan to 1st Feb.

The event basically has two competitions:

  1. If you can come down to the Dr. D Y Patil Institute.

    • Every participant should have his/her own camera.
    • Cell phone cameras will do. (Bring your own transfer cords and related software)    

    • Email your details at [email protected]
    • Spot Registration at the desk in our campus.

    What you need to do to win:
    • Present yourself at the desk in our campus anytime after 11 am and get yourself registered.
    • Get to know of our Theme of the Day which will be related to the Rhapsody theme- ‘Soldiering Life’ and other grand events like ‘The Unchained’, ‘Footloose’, ‘Fashion Show’ and the very well known Concerts!
    • Roam around the campus armed with your camera and click snaps of all the events… may it be day or may it be night.
    • In case of a Film Camera, develop the photos in our associated photo studio. (Charges apply)
    • In case of a Digital Camera, submit the soft copies and get the prints delivered within a couple of hours. (Discounted Charges apply)
    • Compulsory: To paste/hang your pictures (related to the theme and Rhapsody events) on the ‘Walls’ provided.
    • The best photograph gets a prize worth Thousands on the last day (1st Feb).

    Participate in ‘A Word in 60 minutes’ competition.
    Spell out the word (of our choice) using your eyes, your vision and the lens you’re holding. Show us the letters in your photos and spell out the word… in less than an hour.
    (Extra time will be given to participants with film cameras, strictly to develop their photographs)
    Get to venture your thoughts out of the box and get a chance to win attractive goodies worth Rs.14000.

  2. If you can’t make it the college

    This competition is open to everyone on the planet
    • Theme is ‘Smiles and Tears’.
    • Email your photos to [email protected]
    • Anyone from anywhere can participate. Theme covers every style of photography.
    • It is important to mention your Full Name, Address, City, Profession and (optional) a link to your webpage (blog, website or a profile on any of the social networking sites)
    • If any of the essentials is absent, the participant will be disqualified.
    • The best photographer will win a Surprise Gift worth thousands, a year-long subscription to the Infomedia 18’s top-ranking magazine ‘Better Photography‘ and a chance to get his/her prize-winning photograph published in the same magazine/online!

All entries will be personally judged by esteemed Editor of Better Photography magazine, K Madhavan Pillai.

My good friend Sushrut Munje is one of the heads of the event. Feel free to contact him for more details.

RAIT, Dr. D Y Patil Vidyanagar, Sector-7, Nerul, Navi Mumbai – 400706

Event Heads:
Sushrut Munje (+91-9372488799)
Dhanashree Savant (+91-9869415556)

Magazine Partner:
Better Photography

Studio Partner:
Fotolite Studios, Vashi

9 thoughts on “Perceptions at Rhapsody ’09 : A photography contest

  1. I like the fact that even snapshots taken with cameraphones are accepted. That means that even more people can participate and try their hand at photography. It's a great way to introduce neophytes to this particular art form. 🙂

  2. What an awesome event! Cell phone cameras are allowed…how cool is that? I hope you post some pictures from your own experience up here.

  3. Personally, I usually end up seeing something WORTH taking a picture of, when I don't have my camera with me. Now that camera phones are so good, it really does encourage more people to get into photography!

  4. Once i participate in a photography competition but i didnt find any prize, but i m looking forward to see the result of this contest and winning photo

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