Open skies – Parikrama – magic on a violin!

Parikrama is one of the most famous Indian bands making it big at the world Rock scene. The band that started way back in 1991, is famous for fusing Indian classical music instruments like mridangam, tabla and flute with conventional instruments like guitar, drums and keyboards.

Parikrama’s rise to fame was when they performed at Download Festival in Donington in 2007 on the same day as a warm up to Iron Maiden!!!

In this video, Parikrama’s violinist Imran Khan play a mesmerizing violin solo (which people claim to be very similar to Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb)

Check it out!!

One thought on “Open skies – Parikrama – magic on a violin!

  1. He can really move a crowd, I tell you..I've seen them live. Hope they open for Maiden in Mumbai too.
    The song does have some glimpses of Comfortably Numb, but not in all its entirety, only the chorus melody

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