It’s a cricket crazy nation for sure!

IPL logo on angadsodhi.comOn a day which saw Bangalore boss Dr. Mallya’s purse lighten by Rs 20 Crores, figures were going bonkers. The iconic Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar earns 60 lakh a year from the BCCI for the regular cricket he plays. Consider that a benchmark? Yeah right. Now hear this. On Feb 20, the day players were auctioned off to various teams that would play a maximum of 44 matches over a span of 3 months as part of the IPL, the lowest bid Indian was Ramesh Powar at a price of 68 lakhs!

That’s the lowest. The highest is even crazier. With 6 crores in my wallet, I could buy a sea-side facing mansion on the Marine Drive, Mumbai and a Rolls-Royce Phantom on my porch. But no, Chennai team owner India Cements blew it just to buy dashing W’keeper-batsman M S Dhoni! Rs 6 Crores (USD 1,500,000) for a span of 3 months is insane to say the least. But its a cricket crazy country and no paycheck is crazy enough.

The surprise package was India’s 19 yr old quickie Ishant Sharma who was sold for a staggering USD 950,000. Relatively, at 400,000 US$ Australia’s Ricky ‘Punter’ Ponting was sold for peanuts (country full of peanuts, actually). While legendary spinners Shane Warne and Muttiah Muralitharan were sold for Rs 1.8 Crore and Rs 2.4 Crore respectively, Harbhajan Singh takes home Rs 4.3 Crores!

Generally when a man and his missus are out shopping, the wife is seen poking elbows into her man’s ribs trying to scale down expenses. But the missus we are talking of is Gauri Khan, wife of Shah Rukh Khan who makes sure whatever he does is large. Together that ended up spending 24.1 crores, but have sunk their teeth deep into a very strong side. The Kolkata side will be my team to look out for!

Sourav Ganguly (Ind)
Ishant Sharma (Ind)
Chris Gayle (WI)
Brendon McCullum (NZ)
David Hussey (Aus)
Shoaib Akhtar (Pak)
Murali Karthik (Ind)
Ricky Ponting (Aus)
Ajit Agarkar (Ind)
Umar Gul (Pak)
Tatenda Taibu (Zim)
Rs 4.3 cr
Rs 3.8 cr
Rs 3.2 cr
Rs 2.8 cr
Rs 2.5 cr
Rs 1.7 cr
Rs 1.7 cr
Rs 1.6 cr
Rs 1.4 cr
Rs 60 lakhs
Rs 50 lakhs

In an attempt to buy precious manpower, 8 teams bid for 78 players for a whopping Rs 128 Crores (USD 32,000,000). All my childhood I wrote in my Geography papers that manpower in India was cheap. No wonder I always got low marks in Geography!!

4 thoughts on “It’s a cricket crazy nation for sure!

  1. I just feel sorry for the other sports and also all those retired cricketers who must be wishing they were born later.

    But for a country like ours, we sure could have better utilised all this wealth

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