Happy Birthday to me and my BLOG!!

Birthday pic dhapofied from http://www.4to40.com/images/jokes/happy_birthday_to_you.jpg

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Birthday! Turned 20 today. Feels good to be out of my teens. I’ve walked on the surface of this planet for 2 decades now. Feels really empowering when yo put it that way! haha

But there is another reason to celebrate too! I wrote my first blog post on the 17th of June 2007. That’s exactly one year ago! So technically even my blog celebrates it’s birthday today! Happy Blogiversary, blog! My blog is finally one year old! Regular readers might remember before I had this domain, this site was called angad.co.nr. The URL still links here, but the blog has come a long way since then. It has had it’s share of ups n downs.

Over the past year, there have been times when I’ve written just 2 posts in a month and there have been times when I’ve had 14,513 pageviews in a single day! It’s been a roller coaster ride all year long. The top three posts sorted according to their total pageviews are:

  1. Calvin n Hobbes – those lovely schooldays!!!(64,982 views)
  2. Heard of tricks at snooker, but ping-pong?? (49,773 views)
  3. Calvin and Hobbes – Compilacion numero tres(47,494 views)

As a birthday present for this blog, I’ve designed a new theme for it! The new light blue theme is much more spaced out than it’s predecessor. The theme is yet to get it’s ads. But they’ll come soon. Hope you like it!

As I’m in the middle of my 2nd year Engineering exams, this birthday will most probably be spent buried into books. But exams end on the 19th. We’ll have a blast then! Here are some of today’s pics. My sis made me a really cute card. The shiny orange thing that the bear is holding is actually a cute lil card. It has a few adjectives that describe me – witty, cute, loving, wise, comp addict, funny, sweet, gentle soul, tech whiz, patient and lastly ‘lazy bones’!! Yup, that describes me to the core. She knows me really well and comes up with lovely cards every birthday! Then there’s the cake waiting to be cut.

The cute card by my sis The Birthday Cake. Yummmm
The small card places next to the cute bear

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