Blog to have a focussed approach!!

For months people have been asking me, “What do you do online all day?” This is part of my answer to them.

From now on my blog shall have a fixed goal. My blog entries shall emphasize on ‘The Little Things that catch my eye’!!! As seen in previous entries under this category (like the review) I shall be writing about things that I’ve been busy with over the weekend, about websites that I’d like to share, something from real life and other stuff. Ofcourse the movie/book/gadget reviews would continue, but with a difference.

Do check out the site regularly. You could also subscribe to automatic feeds that will alert you everytime I post something new by clicking this link. (won’t work if you are using the older IE browser).

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll see in weeks to come:

  1. Learn to create images like these in a flash.
    Emma Watson on
    What’s so great about this image? Well, take a close look.The image consists of just 0s and 1s!!!! You can actually select the text in it???
  2. Guest articles (actually a series) by a Doc on Hypnotism, it’s advantages, limitations, past life regression and loads of other interesting yet highly scientific stuff
  3. A PhotoShop tutorial on creating bolts of lightning.
    eg: Convert Undertaker without lightning on to Undertaker with lightning on
    Cool eh!!! (Click to enlarge)

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