Are you a ‘dominant left’ or a ‘dominant right’ brainer?

are you right brained or left brainedIn the image that you see alongside, do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?? Well, some might see it as clockwise while others might see it the other way. Yeah, hard to believe that she could also be spinning the other way eh? But she actually can do that. (If you don’t see her spinning at all, please reload the page).

If you saw her go clockwise, your right half of the brain domiates the left half and the other way round if you see her going anticlockwise. The ‘Left Brain’ people and the ‘Right Brain’ people are said to have some characteristic features. Different studies have proved slightly varying results. One such set of characteristics can be found here.

If you stare at the image, you sooner or later begin to doubt it’s authenticity. At one point of time you feel her switch directions. What’s even more notable is that if you get a bunch of people to stare at it for a while all of em will feel her switch at the very same time! Somethings fishy, right? But it should not be. If you notice, the pic is just a completely black figure. What I mean by completely black is that you don’t get to see the third dimension i.e. depth. So you can’t actually conclude whether the raised foot goes behind the other foot (thus anti-clk) or in front of it (thus clk).

Show this post to people around you and get their say on it. I’d really love to hear your opinions on this one. Comment whether you see her rotating clockwise or anti-clockwise. Tell me if you think this is fake.

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