A $50 USD AMEX Card commin my way!

The 50$ AMEX card from Market Leverage that I won
About a week ago, I had mentioned about taking part in the Balkhis ML contest. The contest is finally over and what a contest it’s been. I actually won a $50 AMEX Card from Market Leverage!

The top commentator list on BalkhisThe contest was pretty straight forward. Solve the daily clues, make comments on the blog. And that’s it. Sounds good on paper, doesn’t it? But take a look at the top commentators list. The winner ‘Enkay Blog’ posted a mammoth 243 comments during this past week! Out of those 243, he did almost 140 of them in the last 5 hours! That’s like a comment almost every two minutes! Sure deserved to win the Flip Mino. Congrats dude!

The second prize winner was Rakhshinda who had just 2 points more than me. Can you believe that! I lost an Ipod NANO by one point! But I’m happy atleast I get to keep the AMEX card. Now I can show my friends that I won an AMEX card from Market Leverage. Sure to generate a lot of envy. Now that my exams are over, I’m looking forward to getting to know Market Leverage better. I’ll write about that soon.

Thanks Syed Balkhi for having this great contest. I loved being a part of the comment war. Congrats to all the other winners – Enkay Blog, Rakhshinda and Tyna. Thank you Market Leverage for the card.

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