5 things to do on getting insane traffic from StumbleUpon

Getting insane traffic from StumbleUpon?StumbleUpon is regarded by many as one of the best ‘social bookmarking’ sites. Digg.com users would agree that Digg is more favorable for tech related articles. StumbleUpon, on the other hand, is more favorable for all kinds of other stuff. SU works on a simple principle that when SU users like some particular content, they give it a ‘thumbs up’. The more ‘thumbs up’ an article receives, the more users it is shown to.

SU can be a boon to newbie bloggers. If a post of yours makes it big on SU, it can bring insane traffic to the tune of 20k hits a day! Here are 5 things you can do when getting insane traffic from StumbleUpon.

1. Monitor Bandwidth
If you are on a self hosted WordPress installation, monitoring bandwidth is the most important step you need to take. If the BW limit for the month is reached, your CPANEL would lock you out because even the cpanel is hosted on your site itself and needs some of that bandwidth. What that means is that you no longer have access to your files as well as your database until you buy more bandwidth.

2. Turn on cache
wp-cache is a must have plugin in such situations as it greatly reduces the amount of data a returning visitor downloads from your server. This implies, same BW but more PageViews!

3. Add all known Bookmark buttons
My observation tells me that a SU may never generate revenue for you but he is ‘bookmarking aware’. Therefore if he sees bookmarking buttons, he might Digg it, he might Sphinn it. Make sure your bookmarking options are clearly visible. If you like the bookmarking buttons on my site, see my post on how you can have them on your blog.

4. Put up the Alexa stats box
Alexa gathers it’s data from users who have installed the Alexa toolbar. Every click on the Alexa stats box by a user without the Alexa toolbar is regarded as 1 visit by a user with the Alexa toolbar! Thus when every non-toolbar user clicks on the stats box, your Alexa rank will go up. Get an Alexa Stats box for yourself here.

5. Encourage commenting
Comments are the life and soul of any blog. Encourage comments by asking readers a question or asking them to voice their opinion on the topic. If you can think evil, you could even instigate a comment war yourself! As seen on YouTube, people love to fight it out. If a guy posts some contradicting comments, he is pounced upon. What that does its that it makes people wanna come back to the blog again n again. Make sure you have the Brian’s Threaded Comments, Subscribe to Comments and the Top Commentators plugins installed. They greatly encourage commenting.

Then there are a few tips that should be followed at all times. Make sure your subscription button is clearly visible. Give out great content every time. I’ve seen people delay posting new content when their latest post makes it big on SU. Don’t do that. Write for your regular readers. Go ahead! Make the most of the attention you get!!

11 thoughts on “5 things to do on getting insane traffic from StumbleUpon

    1. Read about the Alexa box thing on quite a few big blogs. You can't really test it out. But it must work. Alexa tries to keep their algo a secret just like Google.

  1. Nice list dude! Keep writing such good posts

    Now this is one post that is different from all other 'blogging tip' blog's posts.

  2. Everybody loves traffic, huge traffic. But most rarely lean back and reflect on the limiting factors that will come into play when the visits start rising exponentially. The price of paying for extra traffic or an expert's help is far less than what we get when we have huge traffic that our site can support.

    The tips you've given here are all wonderful. When I started blogging, my mind was always only on the comments and the buttons.

    I guess things must change with time…

  3. Ive seen a very big increase in stumbleupon traffic on my website from like 1 visiotr a day to over 100 per day. But no one seems to even use my website (conversion rate for using the website is at 0%) so i don't get it. Anyone have any ideas what this could be ?

  4. I love all this talk about traffic, but how do you get it to your blogs in the first place. I'm working on article marketing and building back links. Neither are doing much to bring traffic to me. Any suggestions on building traffic from the ground up?

  5. I'm having a hard time getting any traffic – how did you get started building traffic to your site – articles? ppc? backlinks? I'd would appreciate any ideas you might have. Thanks.

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