3 Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 features that will drive you crazy!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 10.1

In my last post we saw Samsung unveil the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 750. While I was not very impressed by the first Galaxy Tab (I’ll tell you why in a very short while), the 750 in its all new avatar has simply blown me away! We are gonna go through a few of the features that really stand out.

I have to admit, I am never really amazed by how much Gigabytes of storage a handheld has or how fast it’s processor is. It doesn’t really bother me that the 750 only has a 3MP rear camera. The reason being that it is safe to assume that these numbers are bound to grow over the months. In a few months time we’ll probably have 3Ghz dual core processors in cellphones. Its a given. Plus, do you really want an 8MP camera on your tab??

Here are 3 features that have amazed me the most in increasing order of their awesomeness (No1 being the best):

3. Splendid Design

The first Galaxy Tab was ugly to say the least. It was bulky and so very Nokia-ish (I hate Nokia phones BTW). It was 7 inches diagonally and 12mm thick! It was neither a smartphone (obviously there’s nothing smart about a 7inch phone) nor a regular tablet. Samsung thought they had come up with a brilliant device, but they had not. Well, now they have!
Take a look at the image below:
Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 10.1 slim

Doesn’t it look just amazing!! I know it looks very similar to the iPad but it is still much better than their last Tab.
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