Huge phone bills? You need to switch to VoIP!

Vocalocity smash analog telephoneGood communication is the key to a successful business. But as your company grows, using the traditional analog phone systems could mean running into huge bills. If that is your case, you need to switch onto Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

What is VoIP?
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that enables voice transmissions to travel over an Internet Protocol (IP) like the Internet rather than over traditional phone lines. Speech is converted to packets of voice data which are sent over a broadband internet connection to another phone where the stream of voice data is reassembled into its original form.

Erm.. Will that reduce my office’s phone bills?
Most certainly. It has been seen that in some cases, companies have seen monthly savings of upto 80%!! It is a relative figure though. If you are a very very small company which doesn’t need to make a lot of phone calls, doesn’t need number extensions, it might not seem very profitable. But otherwise, VoIP is the thing for you. I know the recession is behind us but who doesn’t like a little cost cutting!
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