Finding an affordable host made easy.

I was asked by to review their services. I had a look around their site. So here it goes: If you want me to review your site or services, drop me a message via the contact form.

Finding managed wordpress hosting plans is vital for any website’s success. You don’t want your website to have thousands to hits daily only to crash abruptly. Downtimes have a really bad effect on public memory. They don’t go down well with advertisers either. And since you have to choose a host before you have actually started your website, most newbies end up with hosting packages they don’t actually need or a hosting package that is way smaller than their needs.

An ideal host would have the following features:

  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Live chat support
  • A good forum that has plenty of big daddies on it
  • Regular backup facility
  • It should be cheap and affordable

Choosing a good host can be rather intricate. Have your work cut out simply by visiting and check out their affordable web hosting packages. This site can be exceptionally useful specially if you are planning of moving to new servers. That way you know your exact needs and can find your ideal host easily.

For newbies, they have a very unbiased list of hosts. Do a bit of research on them and choose wisely. Hosting packages have been classified into categories such as linux / windows hosting, ASP / PHP / JSP scripting, MySQL databases (you generally need them for blogs and CMSs), multi domains etc.

There are more than 400 packages to choose from. You can even have a word with them just to be sure you are getting the best. Take your pick wisely.

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