Upgraded to WordPress 2.6

If you ask me, wordpress is the best blogging platform out there. Not so long ago, wordpress.org had come out with wordpress 2.5 which had a plethora of new features and now they have come up with wordpress 2.6 which has many more of em.

Here’s a small video by the guys at wordpress.org explaining the new features of WP 2.6

I suggest wordpress users to upgrade immediately.

Official WP 2.6 release page
Direct link to download wordpress 2.6

Chance to win an ASUS EEE PC!!

Market Leverage have been giving out cool prizes through contests and the prizes just keep on getting better. A few weeks ago I had won a 50$ AMEX card in the Balkhis Market Leverage contest. Now I’m gonna try my luck at the EEEnkay Blog Market Leverage Contest.

Here’s what’s up for grabs:
EEEnkay Blog ML contest

  • Asus EEE PC
  • 50$ AMEX Gift Card
  • 2GB USB Pens (3 of em!)

So head over to the Enkay Blog. You just need to subscribe to his feeds and/or blog about the contest (the way I’ve done here).

Psst: Enkay Blog was the one who beat me in the Balkhis ML contest!

When paper meets Silicon – create CD covers in minutes!

Cool Blue CDsIf you have been using your comp for a while now, your desk too might be scattered with CDs like mine. Here’s a video that will demonstrate how to make neat looking CD covers in a flash. You just need some paper and a sissors. Check it out:

An added dose of creativity always helps. Print out cool looking labels and stick em to the back of the covers. Use different colours to quick sort your CDs/DVDs into categories. Use these when handing out CDs to friends. Will definitely make you look a tad cooler!