Movie Review – RACE – An absolute must watch!

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Direction: Abbas – Mustan
Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Anil Kapoor, Akshaye Khanna, Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif and Sameera Reddy
Banner: Tips Films Limited
Production: Kumar S. Taurani and Ramesh S. Taurani
Music: Pritam

Director duo Abbas-Mustan have created a genre for themselves – ‘Action Thrillers’. Naqaab, Aitraaz, Humraaz were thrilling, but RACE crashes em all!!

I won’t be giving out too many details this time around. Heck, the movie had so many twits n turns, I hardly remember those sudden turn of events. For most part of the movie you are left gasping, Those ‘Oh S***’s flood the theater every few minutes. Race is a very fast paced action thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seats, and is even better if you watch it on a big tv, with a corner tv mounts so you can install it in any part of your home.

Ranvir Singh (Saif) is a ruthless businessman who loves his younger brother Rajeev(Akshaye). Rajeev in turn loves only his liquor! Sonia (Bips), a beautiful model, is Saif’s lady. Sofia (Katrina) plays Saif’s PA. She has a crush on Saif who doesn’t reciprocate it(Now can you believe that!).

A life-insurance clause pays one brother 100 million dollars for the ‘accidental’ death of the other brother. This is when the going gets ugly. Brothers getting to the throats of each other just for some ancestral property? I wonder where they get such ideas from!! 😉

The story unfolds with a series of unexpected twists n turns. It all boils down to a winner-takes-it-all race. This race is to be the last for one of the two brothers while the other gets to claim the booty.

Cars, babes, booty… Abbas-Mustan have struck the perfect formula. Saif looks stunning. Bipasha Basu is as glamorous as ever. Katrina looks her very best but she still needs to improve her acting skills. She looks out of place at times. Akshaye Khanna stands out for his role. Anil Kapoor provides the much required comic relief in the second half of the movie. He plays his part well too. His assistant Sameera Reddy is thoroughly avoidable. Saif is said to have done all his action scenes himself (like jumping off a 20-storey building!). Watch out for that too.

AngadSodhi Dot Com Rating: 4/5

Conclusion: Race is an absolute must watch. Expect the unexpected. Superb cinematography, great songs, really cool action scenes. The only problem I see is that the story is out of this world. But then, an Abbas-Mustan is supposed to be unrealistic!

Watch it for Saif n Bips.

Virgin Mobile India Commercial- Virgin out with a bang!

Think Hatke (think differently) may not sounds like your regular tag-line for a mobile service provider. But wait till you see the very first TV commercial by Virgin Mobile India. Looks like they made up this tag-line just for this commercial!

Just for my readers from outside India, here’s a translation:

Daughter: Dad, I’m not interested in guys!
Parents look at each other and blame the other for . . . . . you know what.
Mom to Dad: It’s all your fault. All-girls school was your idea.
Dad: Ya, but you could have let her mingle with other boys from our building.

Just then the phone rings. She puts down the phone rather grumpily. She tells her parents that it’s some guy from her class who’s invited her to Goa and that she’s not interested. Her parents suggest that she take more interest in boys and go out with them!

That brings a smirk to her face. Goa is on!!

Now that’s ‘Thinking Differently’!!!

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