PARTNER review

Producer: K. Sera Sera and Sohail Khan
Director: David Dhawan
Starring: Salman Khan, Govinda, Katrina Kaif, Lara Dutta
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Sanjay Chhel, Shabbir Ahmed and Jalees Sherwani

What do you get when you put together muscle man Salman Khan and the not so muscular Govinda? On first thought it seems to be a disastrous combi! Even I thought so as I trudged along to the theatre, along with a bunch of friends who were only too keen to see the movie. But I must say the very first 15mins were worth the cost of the ticket!!

To begin with, Govinda does what he does best – Act like a jerk. Salman does what he does best – taking his shirt off every now n then!! Katrina and Lara too kick in with the former not having to say anything as people gaze at her right until the very end (as always) with Lara matching up to her levels.

Professional love Guru Salman Khan ‘partners’ Govinda to help the latter impress Katrina Kaif (Yup, I said latter). The rest is a complete laugh riot with quite a few crazy one-liners. You are sure to come out with aching jaws and stomachs!


  • Salman-Govinda duo rocks!
  • Katrina looks gorgeous!(need I say this??)
  • Supporting cast pitch in well!


  • Really bad on the music front.
  • Many song tracks seem unnecessary and irrelevant!

My score: 3 / 5

Calvin n Hobbes, we love you!!!

Ever since it was first published on 18 November 1985, Bill Watterson’s ‘Calvin And Hobbes’ has touched many a hearts.

The story revolves around six year old Calvin, his friendship with is tiger Hobbes, his adventures (rather misadventures), his flights of fantasies etc.

Hobbes is Calvin’s stuffed tiger who he considers to be alive. So Calvin sees him as a full-grown tiger while others just see it as a stuffed toy!!

The comic below is one such masterpiece which is sure to pluck a chord deep down everyone’s heart!


Calvin and hobbes comic strip 1
Calvin and hobbes comic strip 2
Calvin and hobbes comic strip 3
Calvin and hobbes comic strip 4
Calvin and hobbes comic strip 5
Calvin and hobbes comic strip 6
Calvin and hobbes comic strip 7
Calvin and hobbes comic strip 8
Calvin and hobbes comic strip 9

Rafael v/s Roger, AGAIN???

Roger Federer versus Rafael Nadal

Today Swiss Roger Federer and Spanish Rafael Nadal will go head -to-head for the 13th time in their careers, 9 out of the previous 12 battles being finals.
The last time these two met was at the 2007 Rolland Garros where Federer snapped Nadal’s 81-match clay court winning streak! Will Nadal be able to cut short Federer’s 53 match grass court winning streak?

Nadal’s beaten Federer 8 out of the 12 times they’ve played before. But the stakes are high. Even higher for Federer who could have his 4 Consecutive Wimbledon streak cutshort if he loses today. But if he wins, he equals the great Bjorn Borg’s record of 5 titles in a row!!

The match might be a repeat of last years Wimbledon final, but will the outsome be the same? That’s something that cannot be predicted. But what can be predicted is that we sure have a action packed match on our hands!!!

May the best man win!!!