SuperSundayVideo-Week 13-Niladri Kumar on an Electric Sitar!

This week’s edition of the SuperSundayVideo was suggested to me by my friend Satish from

I was fascinated when I first heard the term ‘electric sitar’. If you don’t know what a sitar is, jump over to youtube and search for ‘sitar’. Niladri Kumar has tweaked this traditional Indian string instrument. Check out both videos.

For the second video, you’ll have to head over to YouTube because embedding of that video has been disabled upon request. The music video is called Priority and can be found at It has a Hindi intro to it, so just skip ahead if you don’t get a clue.

SuperSundayVideo-Week 11-Beijing’s Bird’s nest stadium

The Beijing olympics 2008 kicked off in grand style at 8 minutes past 8 on 08/08/08 at China’s National stadium popularly referred to as the ‘Bird’s nest’. This is week 11 of SuperSundayVideo and here is the entire episode of Discovery Channel’s Man Made Marvels program which shows the construction of the marvelous structure.

The entire episode has been divided into 5 parts. This has to be the longest SuperSundayVideo yet, but then the stadium deserves it! The stadium has a seating capacity of 91,000. It was built with 36 km (22.4 miles) of unwrapped steel, with a combined weight of 45,000 tonnes. Estimated cost of construction: $423 million!! Highly recommend everyone to watch all 5 videos but you could always jump directly to the last video.

part 1 of 5
part 2 of 5

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SuperSundayVideo-Week 10-Learn to solve a rubik’s cube

I’ve had a Rubik’s cube for almost 5 years now. I was excited when my mum first give it to me. But all the excitement fizzled out a while later. It was just recently that, out of the blue, I decided to check out YouTube if it had any tutorials on solving the Rubik’s cube and sure enough it had! Here is the best of em all, a 7-part series that will get you trained in minutes!

part 1
part 2

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SuperSundayVideo-Week 09-4 year old sings at AGT!

This is another one of those America’s Got Talent (AGT) videos. 4 year old Kaitlyn Maher sings a cute little song and is selected for the next round! Never mind the rude captions, but the girl is damn cute! Way to go kid!!

This is week 9 of SuperSundayVideo. If you have any suggestions for next week’s edition, feel free to add it as a comment to this post. I would love to share it with all my readers.

SuperSundayVideo-Week 08-Will the new iPhone 3G blend?? has this uncanny knack of putting ‘things’ in the mixer blender. So what? Even your mom does it every day, huh? Well, if you look at their past videos you’ll know. In their recent past, the ‘things’ have been a tv remote, an elderly guy’s hearing aid, a Nintendo Wii remote, a Rhubic’s cube… and the latest thing to be blended – the new Apple Iphone 3G!!!

I have to warn you guys, this is not for the weak hearted!