The T20 World Cup is finally here

T20 world cup 2007
The much awaited Twenty20 World Cup is finally here!! Beginning 11th Sept, expect nothing but fireworks live from South Africa. Here is what makes this format of the game so special:

Match Conditions
Each team shall bat for 20 overs unless all out earlier.
Fielding restrictions apply for the first 6 overs of each innings (only two fieldsmen permitted outside the fielding restriction area at the instant of delivery).
During the non Fielding Restricted Overs, no more than 5 fieldsmen shall be permitted outside the fielding restriction area.
No bowler shall bowl more than 4 overs in an innings.

Bowl Out
In the event of a tied match, the teams shall compete in a bowl out to determine the winner. A bowl-out may also be used in the Final in the event of a No Result, provided weather conditions permit.
The captains nominate five bowlers, who will bowl one delivery each, and teams will take alternate turns to bowl at the stumps.
If, after both teams have bowled 5 deliveries, both have scored the same number of hits on the wicket, or have not scored any hits, a second series of deliveries must be started with the same players and shall continue until one team has scored a hit more than the other team from the same number of deliveries.
The sequence of bowlers need not be the same as in the previous series and the captain shall have the freedom of choice at the time of each delivery as to which of the 5 nominated bowlers shall bowl.
In the second series, all 5 nominated bowlers shall bowl a delivery before all of them are eligible to bowl a further delivery.

Delayed or Interrupted Matches
If, due to suspension of play after the start of the match, the number of overs in the innings of either team has to be revised to a lower number than originally allotted (minimum of 5 overs), then a revised target score (to win) will be set for the number of overs which the team batting second will have the opportunity of facing. The revised target is calculated using the Duckworth/Lewis method.

Additional time is allowed for matches when the start is delayed or play is suspended.

Players to look out for:

  • Shahid Afridi
  • Matthew Hayden
  • Shane Bond
  • Herschelle gibbs
  • M.S. Dhoni
  • Daniel Vittori
  • Ajit Agarkar (poor guy – they’ll thrash him!!) is now is now !!!

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Rafael v/s Roger, AGAIN???

Roger Federer versus Rafael Nadal

Today Swiss Roger Federer and Spanish Rafael Nadal will go head -to-head for the 13th time in their careers, 9 out of the previous 12 battles being finals.
The last time these two met was at the 2007 Rolland Garros where Federer snapped Nadal’s 81-match clay court winning streak! Will Nadal be able to cut short Federer’s 53 match grass court winning streak?

Nadal’s beaten Federer 8 out of the 12 times they’ve played before. But the stakes are high. Even higher for Federer who could have his 4 Consecutive Wimbledon streak cutshort if he loses today. But if he wins, he equals the great Bjorn Borg’s record of 5 titles in a row!!

The match might be a repeat of last years Wimbledon final, but will the outsome be the same? That’s something that cannot be predicted. But what can be predicted is that we sure have a action packed match on our hands!!!

May the best man win!!!