W890i PREVIEW – too good on paper

W890i on angadsodhi dot com

The W890i, yet to be launched, is Sony Ericsson’s latest addition to it’s repertoire of ‘walkman phones’. What makes the phone so hyped-up even before it’s release anywhere in the world is a really impressive spec sheet released by SE on their site.

Let’s take a look at what the phone has to offer:

  • Size: 104 x 47 x 10 mm
  • Weight: 78gm
  • Screen: 240X320 px, 262,144-colour TFT
  • Memory: 26MB internal memory, 2GB Memory Stick Micro (M2) bundled!!

Other Features:

  • A 3.2 MegaPixel camera!
  • 4X digital zoom
  • RSS feeds
  • A2DP – Music from phone to headset over a wireless connection
  • MegaBass – enhance Bass frequencies
  • PictBridge – print straight from your phone
  • SensMe – Listen to, and create, playlists of songs sorted according to the mood of the music.
  • TrackID – Record a few seconds of a song and get track details sent to your phone in seconds.
  • FM radio also supports TrackID feature!!
  • Mobile Blogging
  • Video Blogging
  • 3G
  • Video Conferencing
  • Subscribe to Podcasts

Available Colours: Sparkling Silver, Mocha Brown.

I on angadsodhi.com would like to have a small competition here. We have taken a look at the phone, now it’s time to predict the price! Please leave your price estimate, either in INR or Dollars, below as a comment along with your name. The competition is active only until SE hints at it’s price. (duh!!)

The person with the closest bid gets . . . . . . . . just a special mention on this blog. (Obviously you don’t expect an undergrad Engg student to be giving out prizes, do you??)

Sparkling Silver W890i on AngadSodhi Dot ComMocha Brown W890i on AngadSodhi Dot Com
Mocha Brown W890i on AngadSodhi Dot Com


Calvin n Hobbes – those lovely schooldays!!!

Calvin n Hobbes are back(though no Hobbes in this post)!!!

It’s been almost 4 years since I finished school. Wonder how time flies by! What’s left behind are just memories. Memories that full-up your heart with joy, memories that can wash away any sorrow. This post is a tribute to those sugary little reminiscences.

Below is a compilation of some of the best of ‘Calvin n Hobbes’ comic strips wherein Calvin is at school doing what he does best (definitely not studying)!

Also see: Previous post of Calvin n Hobbes – http://www.angad619.qupis.com/wordpress/calvin-n-hobbes-we-love-you/.

Calvin n Hobbes 1 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 2 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 3 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 4 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 5 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 6 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 7 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 8 on angadsodhi.com

I would love to know which one of those above did you like the best. Please do leave a comment below indicating your favorite!

How spiderman-3 should have ended!!

Source: http://www.howitshouldhaveended.com/

Last weekend I came across this crazy video on YouTube. Most people would know there’s a really crazy site called “How It Should Have Ended” which creates awesome spoofs of famous hollywood flicks. (But it was news to me!) YouTube is full of em.

This one particularly is one that ‘caught my eye’!! Check it out!!

If you’ve come across something similar, outrightly hilarious do let us know. You can share it with us as a comment to this post. I would love to know your thoughts about this post!!

NOTE: If you can’t watch the video for some reason, here’s the YouTube link that should work just fine. The YouTube video is however a bit low on quality (should load up quickly though)

History Of Modern Hypnosis

The word hypnotism brings about a scare in a lot of people. Thoughts about ‘losing control’ or ‘own will power’ or ‘getting involved with the unknown’ or just curiosity or something being connected to stage shows – I remember a stage show I’d seen in my college where the wierd guy made my friend dance to an entire college crowd!

But hypnotism has moved a long way from 1765 when Franz Anton Mesmer formed the first theory of ‘mesmerism’. He however believed he possessed the power to ‘magnetize’ people into his control. And that is what people believed till 1840 when Dr James Braid, a physician by profession gave hypnotism its name and said that hypnotism was a suggestible stage, resulting from ‘nervous sleep’. In fact hypnotism in Greek means sleep.

As more people started practicing hypnosis, it began to get popular and probably reached a peak after the Second World War. However, there were many people who ‘could not be hypnotized’ and these people were just classified as ‘poor cases for hypnosis’ and given up. The popularity of hypnosis therefore remained static and hypnosis was kept alive more by artists and fiction writers (remember Mandrake the Magician??) than by the serious professional hypnotherapists.

Later in the 1960’s it was discovered that as far as hypnosis is concerned there are basically two types of people – Physically suggestible and Emotionally suggestible. Physically suggestible were those who respond to suggestions affecting the body and not emotions and the emotionally suggestible were those who respond to suggestions affecting the emotional behavior and not the physical body. These two categories are at the two ends of the spectrum with a lot of people in between, that is, 70% physical and 30% emotional or 20% physical and 80% emotional and so on.

The procedure of inducing hypnosis till then was only of one type and it was most suited for the physical suggestibles. If a person was 100% physical suggestible, he responded best, and the response to induction decreased as one got more and more towards emotional suggestibility. Hence there were people who were poor cases in hypnosis.

With the recognition of the type of suggestible people came the need to evolve different procedures to induce people depending upon the type of suggestibility, hypnosis started to get more scientific and started entering the desks and clinics of therapists from the areas of showmen and stage and theatre.

Today a new breed of therapist called ‘Clinical hypnotherapists’ have evolved who approach hypnosis in a scientific way, purely for the purpose of curing, of relieving not just the emotional and psychological trauma or abnormalities, but also a lot of physical symptoms.

I love my alphabets!!

In my last post I had shown a preview into the portrait of the lovely Emma Watson using only 1s and 0s. This form of art is called as ASCII art.

Here’s another example. The Batting Maestro (who got out on 99 again today!!) Sachin Tendulkar in ASCII art.

Sachin Tendulkar on angadsodhi.com

Is it very difficult to create ASCII art? Actually yes if you decide to do it on your own, but child’s play if you use converters available freely on the net. What I’ve used here is one of the best and most user friendly among the ones that I’ve laid my hands upon.

iamge-text.com banner on angadsodhi.com

www.text-image.com is a brilliant site that can do the job within seconds. It also gives you three varied options namely


Though the B/W ASCII mode and the Matrix mode are not as impressive, the HTML mode is really good.

Here’s another example of good ‘ol Hollywood hunk George Clooney. This picture has high contrast and a high level of detail. But the script ofn the site does a pretty good job!!

George Clooney

Note: Make sure you are using a resolution of atleast 1024 X 768. My site looks best at this resolution!!

So have fun creating ‘ASCII art’ and don’t forget to tell people you heard about it on angadsodhi.com!!! Cheers..
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Let the chef spice up your profile images

For those of you who’ve got bored of using the ‘Hrithick’s and the ‘Emma Watson’s as their profile images, help is at hand. ‘At hand’??? At your fingertips I should say! It is now possible to create custom images at the snap of your fingers.
Custom images??? What’s that you might ask? Well, take a peek –

The harder way to do it would be to search the net for photoshop templates and edit em yourselves using photoshop. Really a tedious task if you ask me. But then there’s the smarter way. The ‘imagechef’ way. Take a look at imagechef.com.

www.imagechef.com is one of the rare sites that does it so well. It lets you create really cool custom images in a jiffy. No software required, No photoshop skills required!!! All you need is your dab of creativity and let the chef conjure up some great images!
Your options are basically divided into these categories:
license plates
Won’t discuss each category in detail though.

The advantages of using custom images are enormous:

You could express you current mood –

You could let people know your interests –

Let your loved know of your love –

Or you could just have fun!

Then there’s some girly stuff too:

With an added dose of creativity, you could grab some attention too……

So go ahead and let your creativity fly. And when heads turn, tell them you read about it on www.angadsodhi.com!!!


What is peer-to-peer?
Peer-to-peer (better known as P2P sharing) is an advanced networking system that is way different from the client-server model.
What is the client-server model? Well, any damn website is the best example of a client-server model. We, as visitors, are the clients who request the server to show the webpage. So it basically is a one-to-one correspondence. The client requests a page and the server obliges. The same logic applies for sharing a file. If you want to download a software, say ‘Google talk’, you go to the Google page and download it. If your friend wants it too, he too goes to the same site. Thus the same server doles out downloads to whoever requests it.
A server is basically a computer that is online 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Suppose I create a software and I want to share with friends. The software I create will be on my PC. So do I have to keep it connected to the net all day? My telephone bills would definitely set new records month after month!!
Fear not, here’s where P2P comes in handy. It works differently from the client server model. It works on the basic principle that when someone other than me downloads the entire software, he too becomes a server. So if a third person wants to download it too, he downloads parts of it from both us. Then, he too becomes a server thus, as many people it reduces precious bandwidth consumption for each of the peers involved. Thus the file can be easily shared ‘Peer-to-Peer’.
While the concept seems all rosy, the history of P2P sharing hasn’t been so. It has lead to various piracy issues in the past. I mean who’s stopping me from sharing a copyrighted file? Piracy protectors have a hard time with P2P.
But then comes the big question:

To Peer or not To Peer??
While P2P can be a boon for budding software developers (people like us, maybe), it can be a pain in the ‘you know what’ for creators of authentic material like the entertainment industry, software companies etc. So it all boils down to one’s own discretion.

You could find whatever you want whenever you want. Afterall if you need a particular file, someone in the World Wide Web must have it! You’ll never miss out on that sound track you heard in the rickshaw today, any movie, documentary, project… whatever, whenever!

You need a P2P software for it. Not a big problem though.
The popular ones are:
LimeWire (www.limewire.com)
BearShare (www.bearshare.com)
EMule (http://sourceforge.net/projects/emule/)
Shereaza (www.shareaza.com) to name a few.

So is the P2P concept still a budding concept. Definitely not! It’s been there since as early as the 1970s! But then it hasn’t gained momentum in our part of the world. A little awareness would do us good.
So P2P anyone?

Calvin n Hobbes, we love you!!!

Ever since it was first published on 18 November 1985, Bill Watterson’s ‘Calvin And Hobbes’ has touched many a hearts.

The story revolves around six year old Calvin, his friendship with is tiger Hobbes, his adventures (rather misadventures), his flights of fantasies etc.

Hobbes is Calvin’s stuffed tiger who he considers to be alive. So Calvin sees him as a full-grown tiger while others just see it as a stuffed toy!!

The comic below is one such masterpiece which is sure to pluck a chord deep down everyone’s heart!


Calvin and hobbes comic strip 1
Calvin and hobbes comic strip 2
Calvin and hobbes comic strip 3
Calvin and hobbes comic strip 4
Calvin and hobbes comic strip 5
Calvin and hobbes comic strip 6
Calvin and hobbes comic strip 7
Calvin and hobbes comic strip 8
Calvin and hobbes comic strip 9