Samsung Wave S8500 Review : 3 days with the Wave

Samsung's New Open Platform OS
Samsung’s highly-anticipated Bada-powered phone Samsung Wave was launched in India a couple of weeks ago. Samsung Wave really boasts of some impressive tech specs that include a ‘Super AMOLED’ screen, a 1GHz processor, a 5MP still photo camera, HD 720p video recording, 1080p HD payback and a slim design.

Being the first of a kind has its implications. A brand new OS needs a flagship capable of facing up to the sizable competition. A chat with Samsung India’s President of Mobile Sales Atul Jain and the Developer Head at the recent Samsung Bloggers Meet, Mumbai blew away all the scepticism I had about the new Bada OS. 3 days into this phone and I must confess, I’m in love with this phone!

Build Quality

At 118 x 56 x 10.9 mm Samsung S8500 Wave is pretty compact and easy to slip into the pocket. The seamless brushed aluminium body makes the phone very solid and a joy to hold on to. The metallic exterior is slim, elegant, ergonomic, conservative and undeniably Samsung.

It has the usual volume rocker buttons on the left, camera and lock buttons on the right. A Speaker, a 3.5mm jack and a mini-usb port with a sliding cover on top. The 3.5mm doubles up as a TV out port which will allow you to view movies or games on a big screen!

The front is dominated by the 3.3 inch Super AMOLED tempered glass display, which is scratch-resistant. Under the display, are the only three hardware keys on the Samsung S8500 Wave front panel. The Call and End buttons are either side of central diamond-inspired Menu key. All controls are large enough and solid to press with excellent tactility.

Turn on the awesome display and the rest of the world just fades away. The ‘Super AMOLED’ screen is supposedly 20% brighter, 80% less sunlight reflective and yields 20% longer battery life. The screen is also supposed to be oleophobic (resistant to oil and thus fingerprints). Mind you, I put on a screen protector and the advantage was gone.

Below the aluminium battery cover is a 1500mAh Li-Ion battery which promises upto 35 hours of nonstop music playback. Below the battery we find the microSD card slot and the SIM compartment. The memory card isn’t hot-swappable since you would have to take out the battery everytime. Not Cool!

I give the phone a solid 4.5/5 on build quality. The only problem is the memory card slot but then, having having a really slim body has its quirks.

Score: 4.5 / 5

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Dogs = Best hope for the disabled!!

Dogs for the disabledLife must be really tough if you have a physical handicap. Picking up dropped keys when you can barely bend over in a wheelchair, attending the door when you don’t even hear the doorbell, waiting for someone to take you to the park. Little things that are trivial to us are an impediment to their independence. Sure, technology does come in handy here. But then one gadget can’t do all your tasks. Moreover, how do you teach a gadget to bestow love? No gadget could possibly do that. What you need is something with a heart and soul. Someone who can complement you. Someone who’ll be there with you, for you, all the time. Probably even a human being could never fit this post. Then, who am I referring to?? Why man’s best friend ofcourse! They ain’t called man’s best friend for no reason at all!!

There are organizations (see below for a short list) which train dogs for the disabled. Here, dogs are trained according to the disability of their owners. For e.g. dogs meant to assist the blind, called guide dogs, are taught to walk their masters to the park, hand them their phones, guard homes, warn their masters of fires and stuff. Hearing dogs, which aid the hearing impaired, are trained to alert their masters of smoke alarms, phone rings, doorbells, baby cries etc. Service dogs are trained to help the physically handicapped open doors, pull wheelchairs, activate switches etc.

The best part is that these institutes do all this at absolutely no cost to the disabled. They function only on our donations. We can (or rather must) show our support either through donations or by paying a visit to these training centers. Even those dogs could do with some love. Training must not be easy too. Imagine a dog takes his master to the park and runs off chasing a cat!!

It is heartening to know that these institutes are gaining the much required attention. In the US, laws now permit entry to dogs for the disabled in public parks (comes as a surprise to us Indians coz in India you’ll even find buffaloes in public gardens!!).

I write this post to thank all those charitable organizations which are doing this noble deed. We’ll always be grateful for bringing smiles to the disabled and giving them a whole new meaning of life. An even bigger pat on the head to those finest and most lovable of God’s creations. Thank You!!

Dogs helping the disabled - Angad Sodhi Dot ComDogs helping the disabled - Angad Sodhi Dot Com

Dogs helping the disabled - Angad Sodhi Dot ComDogs helping the disabled - Angad Sodhi Dot Com

Dogs helping the disabled - Angad Sodhi Dot ComDogs helping the disabled - Angad Sodhi Dot Com

Listed below are some of the organizations that train dogs for the disabled. Check them out!

Also check out this video by A bit long but a must watch.

PS: The doggy and wheelchair logo is a trademark of

Calvin n Hobbes – Compilacion numero tres

Last Calvin n Hobbes post, we saw Calvin at school. This winter I wanted to post about snow. But then these strips are all over the net! Just google it and you’ll get dozens of posts! But we, at angadsodhi dot com, do things differently!!

The compilation below is a collection of my personal favorites. No proper theme as such. Not much of Hobbes in this post either. Maybe he’ll have a bigger role in my next CnH post (Hint Hint!!).

Thank you Bill Watterson for bringing out these gems for us. We’ll always be grateful!!

Do tell me which one you like the best. Enjoy.

Calvin and Hobbes - Post no 3 - Strip no 1
Calvin and Hobbes - Post no 3 - Strip no 2
Calvin and Hobbes - Post no 3 - Strip no 3
Calvin and Hobbes - Post no 3 - Strip no 4
Calvin and Hobbes - Post no 3 - Strip no 5
Calvin and Hobbes - Post no 3 - Strip no 6
Calvin and Hobbes - Post no 3 - Strip no 7
Calvin and Hobbes - Post no 3 - Strip no 9
Calvin and Hobbes - Post no 3 - Strip no 8
Calvin and Hobbes - Post no 3 - Strip no 10
Calvin and Hobbes - Post no 3 - Strip no 11 on angadsodhi dot com

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Calvin n Hobbes – those lovely schooldays!!!

Calvin n Hobbes are back(though no Hobbes in this post)!!!

It’s been almost 4 years since I finished school. Wonder how time flies by! What’s left behind are just memories. Memories that full-up your heart with joy, memories that can wash away any sorrow. This post is a tribute to those sugary little reminiscences.

Below is a compilation of some of the best of ‘Calvin n Hobbes’ comic strips wherein Calvin is at school doing what he does best (definitely not studying)!

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Calvin n Hobbes 1 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 2 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 3 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 4 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 5 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 6 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 7 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 8 on

I would love to know which one of those above did you like the best. Please do leave a comment below indicating your favorite!