Currently, there are 5 ad-spots available for you to advertise on This blog is a PR3. It’s visitors are mainly from the US, India and Europe. Please let me know via the contact form if you want to buy this space. The ad spaces available are as follows:

Banner ad: (468×60)
No of slots: 2
Description: This ad will be placed right at the top of the page, probably the first thing most visitors notice on the blog. The price for the ad will be 20$s per month. Only 2 ads in rotation at all times! I believe ad rotation is necessary to prevent ‘ad-blindness’. Only 2 ads mean that your banner gets maximum exposure.
Currently Available: Yes

Ad Blocks: (125 x 125)
No of slots: 4
Description: These are the 125 x 125 blocks that you see in the sidebar on top. These are priced at 15$ a month per slot. These are placed above the ‘fold’ for maximum exposure. No rotation of ads here.
Currently available: Yes

All payments will be accepted via paypal. Use the contact form on the about page to get in touch with me. I even do paid reviews for anything between 15-40$. Request a quote to know more.

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